Ticketmaster > Oh my god, I want them dead

Hello friends.  Had to share a little update with you about fraud and anti trust over at Live Nation/Ticketmaster.  You may note they recently merged, and you can guess how I feel about that.

It gets worse.  It is a bait and switch operation.  It is fraud, and my next step will be to the DOJ.

Here is why I want them fucking dead.  First off, TM/LN advertised $18 lawn seats for Denver outdoor shed ‘Fiddler’s Green’.  Every city has one.  So, I went to get Iron Maiden tickets online.  Tickets were $32 after fees… each.  See, the face value for my $18 lawn ticket was actually $23.25 > fuckers!

So, we went down to the box office to get the tickets in person.  Historically speaking, going to the box office meant you bypassed service fees.  Not anymore.  Since the merger, it is actually MORE expensive to pick them up at the box office. Fucking great, nice service dipships.   I can’t believe you have the balls to call any of this ‘convenience’.  So, I got all riled up and went online and got my tickets.  I am not going to miss Maiden, but shit like this is why I stopped going to concerts.  I wrote about it here, and here.  $18 lawn ticket cost out the door was $32.  Damn near a 100% mark up, for my convenience.

whatever.  Fuck them in the goat ass.   Then, a few days ago TM/LN announced ‘No Service Fee June‘.  My wife told me about it, and I knew immediately it was a crock of criminal shit.   So, I started digging.  I went to look up tickets for that exact same Maiden show.  The web page proudly announced ‘No Service Fee June’.  So, were lawn seats $18?  Nope.   Were they $23.25?  Nope, they are $31.  So, the ticket price went down one dollar, and they have the nutsack to declare on same said page:

Choose your ticket quantity and price then proceed to checkout to purchase your NO SERVICE FEE TICKETS.

So, they doubled the price of the ticket, and then dropped the service fees.  What a bunch of assholes.  Now they are riding high on a public wave of benevolence.   Well,  I knew them too well to play fair, and now you do too.


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