Friday Fives – taking care

Taking care

1.  When was the last time you went to the doctor?

Tuesday.  Went to see an acupuncture guy for my back.  Did some cupping, too.  Fucked me up, good.  Hoping it will help.  Helpful tip for you.  If you are going to discuss the unfair occupation of Tibet by China (as I did), wait until AFTER he does the cupping exercise.  Turns out the Chinese have a WAY different perspective on the whole Tibet issue.  That mandala up there?  That’s my back from yesterday.  Does it hurt?  Yes.  Not as bad as it looks… but it is tender. I call this mandala ‘free tibet’.  After this procedure, the needles were nothing.
2. Do you recycle?

of course.  absolutely.  What kind of asshole doesn’t?  I am serious, if you aren’t recycling, just kill yourself.  Why?  Because I know what your argument is.  You saw a special where they trailed a recycling company and it turns out they just threw everything out with the regular garbage, right?  Yes, that does happen, unfortunately.  BUT… let’s say that is happening… then the worse case scenario is your recyclables in the garbage.  The best case scenario is the stuff gets recycled.  That is good for the earth, the economy, and the aluminum old growth forest.

3. There is a term – pay it forward, whereby you pass a long good deeds. When was the last time you paid it forward?

did a good deed?  More often then I would prefer, to be honest.  I actually made a goal to volunteer less this year.  I am compelled to help people, and I do at every turn.

4. What is one tip you can suggest to save the Earth?

vote Democrat, and I am serious.

5.  What is one tip you can suggest to save your health?

eat right and exercise.  I do neither.  I am working on it, but barely.  I am trying to square away my back pain issues, first.

Frankly, these fives are phoned in.  I owe you better.  not much better, but better.  Know what, though?  My back hurts and I just want to go to bed.  I am watching the Broncos lose, and still have to load up a ton of wood we have to take to Habitat for Humanity tomorrow at lunch.  Oh, you wanted to know something nice I have ton, there it is right there.  I am donating a shit ton of beautiful hardwood molding to Habitat.  What a great and wonderful and noble thing they do.  I hope to start a new relationship with them, and see where I can help out in the Denver area.

Anyhow, my point was everything hurts and I want to go to bed.  Ten years ago, this is when I would have just popped a few glasses of wine.  But, if I do that I don’t sleep well through the night.  Unless… I drink a LOT of wine.  They, I sleep great, but tomorrow sucks.  Tomorrow is a school day, and work doesn’t pay me to be hung over.  If they did, you would be a millionaire.  Get it?  I called you a raging drunk, and then intimated you were a lousy employee as a result.  Sweet sassy molassy, that’s good stuff right there.


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