open letter to Frank McNulty – coward, weasel, and politician

Dear Thing,

You are the worst kind of politician, and barely a human being.  You sicken me, and should resign in shame.  You tabled THIRTY SEVEN bills, including restitution for Lower North Fork fire victims, to avoid the gay marriage bill.  You are a weasel.  If you are against gay marriage, then VOTE AGAINST IT.  But you wouldn’t do that.  You are too much of a _____ to go on record to vote it down.  So, instead you held up the entire session to end it for the year so it could not come to a vote.

You were hired, and are paid, to vote on issues. Get it?  Your actions are more despicable than President Obama voting ‘Present’ on virtually everything while he was in the Senate.

Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty says he would not support a civil unions measure, but promised to do the work of the legislature during a special session.

Really?  Because, that isn’t what you did, Frank.  You could have done that.  You should have done that.  That is your job, Frank.  What you did was let it die in process, which is a childish and petulant move.  Do you know who can NOT vote on stuff?  Me.  I can not vote on stuff all day long.  It’s not my job, I work for the phone company.  Since I can’t vote, on anything in the state legislature, I was kind of thinking maybe you would vote on stuff for me.

The Governor now is holding a special session to force you to do your job.  This will cost us tax payers $23,000 a day.  You, personally, and single handedly, are costing the broke state $23,000 a day for you to do your job.  Man up, let the vote go down, and VOTE ON IT.  It’s your job.  Do it, quickly, before you cost us anymore money.  I am not even going to tell you my opinion on gay marriage.  Have the courage to stand up and say “I hate gay people and I think they have no rights” because that is what you think.  Now say it out loud, or get out of the way and let someone else lead.  Sadly, I bet your party is chock full o people who think gays have no rights.  How about this bill?  How about no milk fed J Crew wearing racist homophobic intolerants are allowed to marry?  How about voting no Democrats can marry?  How about voting no red heads can marry?  Don’t say “It’s a slipper slope”, either.  That one really pisses me off.

You are what is wrong with politics, in every sense, on every level.  Congratulations on jumping ahead of Chris Brown, Axl Rose, and Fred Phelps as the worst person alive.  Good luck with that.

* readers, take the opportunity to tell thing what you think.  Here is his website.


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