Friday Fives – President’s who have known me

Compare and contrast

What are YOU 99.9% sure about?

I could do more

What are YOU 99.9% NOT sure about?

How space works

What gets better?

Cooking, and eating.  Marriage.  My marriage gets better every day, and it’s always   been pretty great.  HEY, I didn’t come here to blather about my marriage and my amazing wife.  You asked the question and I answered it.

What DOESN’T get better?

Your body

What just isn’t the same anymore?

Arson. Well, kids stuff. Kids used to get toys with everything. Every hopped up sugar cereal with a cartoon character also came with a prize in the box. Some of them were dope, too. I am not talking about that ‘send us 23 box tops and a check for $23 for shipping and handling and we’ll mail you some shit in 4 – 6 weeks’. I am talking about instant gratification. I remember some cereal had a mini plastic submarine in it. You took this thing and opened it up and put baking soda in it, which we all already had. Then you snap it back together and put it in water and it dives and surfaces and swims. How great is that? You could sell me a box of dried prunes dipped in dogshit (again) and I would still buy that box. That stuff doesn’t exist anymore, and today’s kids are getting screwed.

Cool news – I found it.  Thank you google.  Here was the box, and here were the submarines you got.  It was awesome, and they totally worked.  Something scary tells me that those photos are from a creepy hoarder who has 30 year old cereal boxes and is selling them on ebay.

Ok, once again I feel I didn’t give you enough decent content. Normally, when this happens, I play a game with songs. I take the first five songs that come up on full random and tell you my relationship with that song or band. Today, we are mixing it up.

Instead of songs, I went to my books. I am crazy about books. Here are a couple of stories I have told before about my favorite books. I have been known quite often to buy a book just because it looks beautiful. You know, like a 100 year old hard bound, weathered and trusted old friend. In fact, one of these books below is just such a book, with an awesome story. There are great and mysterious stories that live in books. Here is one of those stories, and here is another.  Now, to today’s story.

I was killing time at a Goodwill waiting for my tires to get done across the street at Discount. I found this cool old book with a super interesting title “President’s who have known me”, by George E Allen. It was 50 cents, and I just had to know that backstory. I bought the book, because it looked cool. When I got it home, I opened it up and found it was inscribed. Jackpot. Inscribed by the author, to a friend. It is dated July 1966. First edition hardback, signed and dated and inscribed by the author. The story, to me at least, gets even cooler. It is inscribed to an ‘’Hon D.K. Ludwig”. That name doesn’t mean anything to you, and it didn’t to me. It was time to get my google on. Google takes me to Wiki. This Ludwig character has a Wiki page. Even I don’t have a Wiki page.

“DK Ludwig was a US shipping magnate and billionaire. He was one of the most wealthy men in the world. Ludwig has the distinction of being #1 on the first Forbes 400 Richest Americans in 1982”

How great is that? What does the inscription say? Can’t read dude’s handwriting, but it is something about Vegas and him being a very good friend and being ‘too high’. Here is a photo of the inscription.

2015-07-31 00.28.05_resizedInitially, I thought it was a comically pretentious title, and that is why I bought it. But, if this author hangs with his billionaire buddy in Vegas… odds are that he does know presidents.  This guy was a baller!  I wish the author was still alive, but he passed away 40 years ago.  I would love to have given him this book.  Maybe I can find his family.  Never mind that, how about you find the family.  I’ll give them the book.  You know, after I clear my 60 cents.  Yeah, I got a dime vig on this.

we got a bit off track on the Fives, but wasn’t that more interesting than what salad dressing I use?


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