Persian Perfect – Since 2003



Over the years (13 of them, give or take) I have used various tag lines on the masthead above.  Mostly, it was ‘the Supreme Court of Public Opinion’.  Also fun, but super obscure, was ‘the Mitch Report…’ and of course they all said 2003.  I think it is important you note that year.  What I deliver here is now available everywhere.  You want news and incite delivered in real time with both snark and sincerity?  You have the Daily Show, the Nightly Show, Last week with John Oliver, Buzzfeed, Cracked, Gawker… etc.

I was doing this style of writing before ALL of them.  FACT!  Am I saying that I invented insightful hipster critiques on society?  Nah, the Lampoon of Harvard beat me by a good century.  As far as you are concerned, though, I was before everything you read and watch today.

That isn’t why I write this, though.  Today, after much consideration, I am changing the tagline to ‘Persian Perfect Since 2003’.  If you are reading this piece sometime in the future, the tagline above may be different.

Persian Perfect – Years and years ago, I had an English teacher who told us about ‘Persian Perfect’ rugs.  These were beautiful and stunning rugs that were almost perfect.  BUT… the story goes… only god can be perfect.  To even try and aspire to be perfect is a slap in the face to god (or, in this case, Allah).  The way rugmakers kept themselves humble and respectful was to purposely put a flaw (or error)in the rug.  It is an act of humility and respect.  I super dig that idea.

For years I tried to track the veracity of that story.  Before the internet, it was just about impossible.  Even after the internet, it was just about impossible.  I resigned myself to it not being a real thing.  Still, though, I remembered the term and the idea. Turned out there was a reason I could never corroborate the story; it is called the ‘Persian Flaw’, not ‘Persian Perfect’.  What better way to end this piece than to acknowledge even I was a tiny bit off the original concept.  That makes this story, and this blog… wait for it… Persian Perfect!



1 thought on “Persian Perfect – Since 2003

  1. I enjoyed your comment on the “Persian Flaw”. If you’ve not seen it, you might enjoy Molly Peacock’s poem, “The Flaw.” And I’ve written a piece based on her poem and the “Persian Flaw”.

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