Friday Fives – yes I know its Saturday edition

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1. Do you have any Labor Day traditions?

Yes.  Every year we go camping in Northern AZ.  its a family reunion 20 years strong.  For the first time in 23 years, it isn’t happening this year.  You can blame Covid, but i bet there is fatigue.  This was one couple hosting over a 100 people over 40 acres every single year.  And always wildly successful!  I don’t have a single bad memory, except my dog biting my face off last year.  BUT, that happened here in Denver packing up for last year’s trip.  Side note – that dog, Rufus, is still with me today.

Gotta tell ya, poor Rufus might not even be here by the time you read. He is 16. Note, not a 16 year old drop kick dog… but a full size English fox hound. A dog this size usually makes it to 12. Let’s just say I don’t read him the 10 day forecast. Good joke? Here is another I have been telling for about 5 years: “don’t get anything on layaway, Rufus.” He is one of the great dogs of all time.

2. When was the first time you realized Labor Day was a thing?

Oh gosh, no idea.  It would be school.  Now school goes longer and starts earlier.  When I were a wee lad, school in Phx ended promptly always at memorial day and started the Tuesday after labor day.  One thing to note, there were no closing variables during the year like snow days that much of the country sees.

3. Labor Day is generally recognized as the end of summer. How was yours?

Busy, actually.  Working the whole time.  So, never really did much summery stuff.  WAIT!  We just got back from a week in Yellowstone.  Holy shit that was awesome!

4. What’s the most dangerous job you have ever had?

Woah.   wtf?  That just took a dark turn!  Weren’t were just reminiscing about summer?  These are dark days indeed, as most of us kinda didn’t get a regular summer.

5.  What has been the least laborious job you have ever had?

Pretty much every job, in that I am a call center manager.  So, I have been on my duff in a climate controlled cubicle for 23 years now… ever since wifey and I moved to Denver from kollege


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