I was correct – I was PRE-Correct! The Capitol riots

Gun triggered St. Louis couple hit with criminal charges

I just want to put this in writing, I was more than ‘correct’, I was pre-Correct!  This is some shit I talked right here, on Dec 15th of 2020.  Note, the things I am about to talk about happened on Jan 6th, 2021… 3 weeks later!

Let’s take a look at what i said would happen.

America is an for another ugly divisive fight

  Remember, we have a great deal of people who don’t believe in science.  

(Trump fans) are going to freak the fuck out. 

People are going to get murdered.  *** yup, aleady happened  June 2021

Whatever it is, people (on the right, the ones who stopped believing science when Mitch McConnell instructed them to do so) are going to freak the fuck out. 

Remember, though, this is not a group who argues with intellect or reason.  They argue with guns and hyperbole.  How long will it be because they grossly compare their circumstance (of being expected to keep the public safe, themselves included) to WW2 and Nazi Germany.  

For whatever reason, you can be assured they will find a way to bring guns into this.  Am guessing they will all show up armed to large public events.  They will say ‘are you going to turn me away now?’  Yes.  Yes we will you jackass.  You can’t bring a gun to public events anyway.

*** update March 2021- I was Correct, again again.  It has already begun.  They are calling the plan Immunity Passports

Here is another asshole who was asked to wear a mask, and so stabbed that person.  Fuck this.  I am over it.  Start shooting back.  Yes, hopefully ‘social darwinism’ will take them out.  they don’t believe in masks or viruses and only hang out with like minded people.  As I noted, and predicted. they are getting violent.  Maybe it IS time for the revolution the gun nuts want.  Maybe it is time we all carry guns.  Start shooting anyone without a mask!  I just know this is going to get SO much worse when the anti science folks are going start killing a lot of people when they are turned away from whatever hate filled groupings they prefer… cross burnings?

This asshole piece of human refuse stabbed an employee who was doing his job.

James Schultz is currently on the run.  Find him, and kill him.. before he kills others.

James Schultz is currently on the run.  Find him, and kill him.. before he kills others.

Then, we had this one.

Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy is splitting dangerously along partisan lines

I wrote that three weeks before the Capitol terrorist riots.  AND… I didn’t write that about the Capitol attack.  No, I wrote that about the riots that are coming this summer. What do I mean?  By this summer, regular folks like you will finally be able to get the vaccines.  This means public events will start to open up.  But… the catch may very likely be you have to prove you are vaccinated.   That is what these quotes were about.  When unvaccinated folk are turned away from events…  They are going to freak the fuck out.  They are going to murder.  That is still going to happen.  I just think its interesting that it also already happened, with the Capitol riots.  I pre-predicted this event!  Is that a thing?  Is that a real term?  Bet your ass it is now, crackers!

and to no one’s surprise… freak the fuck out is just what they are doing.

like, this one. or this one.

*** that picture above?  I know that isn’t the Capitol riots.  I don’t even want to search those horrible pictures.  I just want to look back at these jackasses.  That.. is not patriotism above.  It’s also not exercising the second amendment.  According to the law, its felony manacling. See, black people were walking by their house.  I bet they were at the Capitol that day.


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