Friday Fives


Who is your latest crush on?

my dog, Maxwell.  He is a perfect angel and I love him.  Look at that picture up there.   Correct me if I am wrong.  He is sleeping right next to me as I type.  That pic up there isn’t really a ‘candid’.  He really is that pretty, he really is that happy,  he really is that dumb, and he really is that eager to please.

Do you have a favorite super hero?


How cartoon or cartoon character?

I don’t understand the question.

Ever solved a crime?

yes, which is why you are still being followed.  We will talk about this later.  We don’t need to have this conversation in front of everyone, do we?

Would you rather: have the power of invisibility, or be able to produce sparks from your fingertips?

invisibility.  I mean,  doy!  What am I going to do with sparks?  make a fire?  I can do that with a lighter.  However, with invisibility, I could look at boobies books all day long.  Yay books!  Plus, I wouldn’t have to work, I could just steal money. It wouldn’t be stealing, really.  I could take the money and use it to pay my bills.   Then, run over there to those recipients and take the money back and give it to the guy I took it from initially.  I mean, I know that looks like stealing.  But, what if no one is missing it?  Does that count?  I am not a monster, am I?

I mean, there are downsides.  You can’t score a girl if you are invisible.  However, to be able to turn that on and off… would be awesome!  I mean, that is what I have read.  That’s all.


1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. Friday Fives Invisibility… Hey Lono… You realize many of us would have a better chance of scoring a chick if we were invisible!

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